# Personalausweis (nPA)

Personalausweis (nPA) is the German national ID card. nPA supports electronic identity proofing. It can be used for online authentication, as it includes an RFID chip that can be read by:

In all cases, you can use nPA for authentication and identity proofing, but the latter two require an NFC-capable mobile device.

Governikus GK (opens new window) delivers AusweisApp2. The service supplier of the Governikus infrastructure is Bundesdruckerei (BDR) (opens new window).

# Key features

  • Personal information and a picture of the holder are visible on the card, but also stored in the card’s chip.
  • Optionally, the chip can include additional information, such as the holder’s fingerprints and even an electronic signature (provided by a private company).
  • Online authentication requires a PIN.

It is compulsory for everyone in Germany aged 16 or older to have an ID card or a passport. People under the age of 16 can also request the ID card, but the eID functionality will be switched off in this case. At 16, they can choose to have it switched on free of charge.

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