# MitID UX scheme

The MitID UX scheme is a central part of the MitID brand and there are strict rules on how to set up the user-interface, e.g. for the MitID Logon box.

# Policies for the MitID box

You cannot change the MitID box

The MitID box is defined and controlled by the MitID core system.

There is an exception to this: You are allowed to change two texts inside the MitID box, i.e. the service provider name (Tjenesteudbyder) and a transaction consent text (add-on that allows showing a text during a transaction). For more details about how you must define these two texts, see the separate page UX requirements (for service providers).

Signicat as a broker will handle most of the design rules for you. Below are some of the specifications just for your information.

MitID box policies

  • The size is fixed to 400x588 pixels and the box must always be fully visible without a scroll.
  • All elements have a defined placement in the window, e.g. the logo and action text.
  • The logo must be placed to the right in the correct position.
  • The header reference text, Log på <Tjenesteudbyder>, must be placed to the left and should not be a link.
  • The spacing between the elements should be the same even if the window is expanded
  • This means it is only the spacing around the box that expands.
  • The footer contains buttons for Afbryd (Cancel) and Hjælp (Help).
  • MitID and authenticators displayed as text must always be spelt with correct caps.
  • The text font must be IBM Plex Sans.


# UX requirements for service providers

Even though Signicat as a broker will handle most of the design rules for you, there are some requirements that you as a service provider must follow up yourself. For more details, see UX requirements for service providers. You can also find some guidelines about usage of UX materials in the Information package for the MitID end-user campaign.

Last updated: 20/09/2023 12:13 UTC