# MitID

This page gives a brief introduction to MitiD. For more detailed pages, see for example Migration from NemID to MitID or Integrating with MitID through Signicat.

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# About MitID

MitID (opens new window) is a new electronic ID in Denmark, replacing NemID. It is a collaboration between the Danish banks and the Danish public sector. This alliance forms a nationwide solution and provides a secure authentication mechanism for all citizens in Denmark. People in Denmark can use MitID for online banking, Digital Post, communication with public authorities, identifying themselves in other digital services, and more.

MitID Login box click-to-zoom

# Try it out

Here is how the MitID login box will look for the end-users. Since it is a demo, any username and password will work:

Signicat MitID demo (opens new window)

For more information about the user interface, see for example Authentication flows for the end-user.

# Time plan

There will be a transition period where you can use both NemID and MitID, although NemID will be phased out by the end of June 2022.

# Contact Signicat for more information

Signicat will continuously add content to this page reflecting the status of the integration.

To keep updated on the development progress, you can sign up for the latest news by sending an e-mail to

Signicat will be happy to assist you in ordering and setting up MitID. Please, contact Signicat at for more information.

# Key features of MitID

This is an overview of important features in MitID:

  • A common, national identity and authentication solution.
  • Public actors, financial institutions and other private service providers can only use MitID through certified brokers.
  • Secure login supporting all three levels of assurance (LoA) from eIDAS, Low, Substantial and High:
    • Low authenticates the user with single-factor authentication, e.g. with password or chip. Low is not available in NemID.
    • Substantial¬†authenticates the user with a two-factor authenticator combination, e.g. with the MitID app on a smart phone.
    • High authenticates the user with a more advanced two-factor authenticator combination, e.g. the MitID app + chip.
  • Integrate with Signicat's signing solution so end-users can electronically sign documents using MitID.

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