# itsme

itsme is a Belgian eID which allows end-users to digitally log in to and register for business and government services, confirm transactions, and sign documents. The scheme is run by Belgian Mobile ID (BMID), a consortium of Belgian banks and mobile network operators.

# Key features

  • Trusted identities verified by Belgian Mobile ID
  • Supports PIN and fingerprint, as well as binding of the app to a SIM card
  • End-users can monitor which data is shared and with whom
  • Supports both Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES) and Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES)

Individuals over 18 years old that are in possession of a Belgian mobile phone number and Belgian eID can obtain an itsme account to use with an iOS or Android phone. In order to pair the itsme app with an identity, the end-user needs to go through a registration process. The bulk of end-users will do so by authenticating towards one of the participating banks. Once the itsme app has been paired with an identity, Signicat supports itsme for identity proofing, authentication, and confirmation of transactions (in combination with Signicat’s signing solution).

Last updated: 8/9/2021, 12:45:58 PM