# Maintenance terms

# 1. Support, maintenance and SLA

1.1. Signicat shall provide technical surveillance of the Service and is responsible for the daily operations as well as incident monitoring and handling. Signicat shall notify the Costumer without undue delay when becoming aware of incidents relating to the Service and implement reasonable measures to find and correct the malfunction.

1.2. Signicat’s service availability aim as set out in The Commercial Terms does not include incidents or errors of any kind resulting from circumstances related to Signicat's (i) Customers, or (ii) sub-suppliers. If such incidents affect the Signicat Services, Signicat shall assist in identifying the cause of and rectifying the incident.

1.3. Support services from Signicat are available in Community for all customers and for customers having extended support as listed in the Commercial Terms support is available from Monday to Friday 08.00-16.00 CE(S)T all Working Days in Norway, and a maximum of 8-hour response time to incidents. The availability of support and the 8-hour response time may be adjusted upon request from the Costumer and subject to remuneration.

1.4. Signicat reserves the right to perform maintenance, upgrades, service, etc. related to the Signicat Services from Tuesday and Thursday from 00.00 – 07.00, and the Customer acknowledge and agree that this might cause unavailability, interruptions, or changes to the service. Signicat shall notify the Costumer 48 hours in advance of such maintenance work and by best efforts reduce potential inconvenience.

# 2. Key definitions

Time – Unless otherwise stated all times (in this Agreement and its Appendices) are in Central European Time (CE(S)T). Working Day – Any day except Saturday, Sunday or a day defined as a public holiday in Norway. Working Hour – An hour within the timeframe 08:00 – 16:00 CE(S)T all Working Days.

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