# How to update deadlines

Any documents you have already created can be updated.

# Adjust deadlines

Deadlines can be updated after a document has been created. Deadlines can be updated per document or per signer

# Properties

Property Description Default Max
deadline When the document expires 45 days 45 days
deleteAfterHours How long should the document/data be stored after it is signed or it expires 168 hours 744 hours

# Change document deadline

If you need to change the document deadline, you can do it by doing a document update.


Request sample

  "advanced": {
      "timeToLive": {
        "deadline": "2018-05-12T08:50:03Z",

# Change signer deadline

If you need to change when a signer URL expires, you can do it by doing a signer update like this:


Request sample

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