# Signature

With Signicat's signature services, you can easily let your customers sign contracts, declarations, forms, and other documents using digital signatures.

Digital signatures can automate and replace today's cumbersome paper-based processes and save money and time spent on manual processing. Furthermore, it can help increase the conversion of new customers in your onboarding processes and rapidly reduce the time it takes to become a customer. Signicat signature services are web-based, and can be integrated in your website, app or business system through the use of our REST APIs or SDKs.


We now support our existing Express Electronic Signing solutions on our new Digital Trust Platform (DTP).

If you are a new customer or have recently migrated to our new platform, see our signature migration guide for an overview of the changes.

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# APIs

Explore our powerful Signing API, which lets you automate and digitalise your contract processes.

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Last updated: 20/10/2023 14:34 UTC