# Quick Start

Follow these steps to get started within minutes.

# Before you start

If you don't have an account already, you need to create a free Signicat account:

Create a free account

Also, if you need to, learn how to create and use API tokens.

# Step 1: Open postman or similar tool

Our developers like to use Postman. It can be downloaded from (opens new window).

# Step 2: Set authorisation to OAuth 2.0

  1. Click Get New Access token
  2. Add your credentials
  3. Request and use token

Postman view showing authorisation token click-to-zoom

# Step 3: Create a share

Use the Create share endpoint. Include the request sample below (body raw → application/json), or create your own sample. In the response, you'll get an id. You'll use this ID now when you upload files to the share in the next step.


Request sample

  "information": {
    "title": "Title",
    "description": "Description of the filshare"
  "content": [
      "id": "1",
      "name": "testing1.pdf",
      "type": "file"
  "recipients": [
      "firstName": "Tony",
      "lastName": "Stark",
      "email": "",
      "expires": "2019-05-25T11:42:13.0568771+00:00",
      "mobile": {
        "countryCode": "47",
    "number": "12334568"
      "uploads": [
      "authentication": [],
      "notification": {
        "setup": {
          "request": "SendBoth",
          "reminder": "Off"
        "language": "NO"
      "oneTimeLogin": false

# Step 4: Upload a file

For this step, use the Upload content endpoint. Fill in {id} with the ID of the share (returned in the response in step 3), and {fileId} with the unique identifier that you want to assign to the content being uploaded.


Additionally, follow these steps to attach the file you want to upload:

  1. Body raw → form-data
  2. Change key from text → File
  3. Use the file picker to chose the files you want to add
  4. Click Send

Repeat this process if you want to upload multiple files to the share (remember to change the unique {fileId} for each one).

Postman view showing upload click-to-zoom

# Step 5: Receive secure share

You will receive an email/SMS on the email or phone number you specified earlier. In production, this email/SMS will be sent to your users. To see what the process is like for an end-user, open the link and log in with one of the available ID methods. You can now download the files.

Last updated: 31/05/2022 15:03 UTC