Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Share.

# What happens if I don't upload all the files I specified?

Your recipients will not receive a notification for the share until you've uploaded all the files. After a while we will delete it, as it will be considered incomplete.

# What happens if I cancel a share?

We will clear out all personal information from the share and delete the files related to the share. If the recipient tries to access the share after deletion they will be redirected to a page explaining that the share has been deleted.

# What happens after the share expires?

We delete all files from our servers and clear personal information from our servers. If a recipient tries to access the share after its expiration date, they will be redirected to page explaining that the share is expired.

# Can I share confidential information?

Yes. If you want to share a short descriptive text, but still confidential, you can use the confidentialInfo property under the information object. Files and information in shares are encrypted at our servers.

# How many recipients can I add?

Currently, there's no limit to how many recipients you can add to a share.

# How big can the files be?

We currently have a limit of 100mb per upload.

# Can I remove a recipient from a share?

Yes, you can do so by using the delete recipient endpoint.

# Can I remove a file from a share?

No, you can't remove it from the share, but you can update all recipients so they don't have access to it. This will in turn make the file inaccessible for anyone.

Last updated: 31/05/2022 15:03 UTC