# Customise texts

Follow these steps to customise texts in the Secure Share application to fit your needs. All texts in the application are customisable. We currently support Norwegian and English for this specific application.

# Step 1: Setup translations in the dashboard

Log in to your account in our dashboard. Under your account you'll have a menu item for translations. If you haven't used it before, go ahead and setup a translation set.

# Step 2: Select share from the drop down

You should now be able to see all texts from the standard language set.

# Step 3: Create your own texts

Go ahead and update the texts you want to be different from the standard setup.

# Step 4: Utilise merge fields

Some of our texts support merge fields that let you merge in relevant information for the specific recipient. You can see an example of this under the standard text for: "login_descriptive_text". Usually, the merge fields will be annotated like this: .

Last updated: 31/05/2022 15:03 UTC