# Create share

Before you start

This guide assumes you have a Signicat account and are familiar with connecting to our REST APIs.

This guide will teach you how to set up Secure Share with one or more recipients.

# Step 1: Create share

Below we have created a json document that contains all the information you need to set up a secure share with one file to one person named Tony Stark which expires on 25th of February 2019, which we will send to the API:


Request sample

  "information": {
    "title": "Title",
    "description": "Description of the share"
  "content": [
      "id": "share_id_one",
      "name": "Descriptive name of the share",
      "type": "file"
  "recipients": [
      "firstName": "Tony",
      "lastName": "Stark",
      "email": "",
      "expires": "2019-02-25T11:42:13.0568771+00:00",
      "mobile": {
        "countryCode": 47,
        "number": "123456789"
      "uploads": [
      "authentication": [
          "identityProvider": "NO_BANKID_MOBIL",
          "identityProviderUniqueId": "9578-600-4-257409",
          "ssn": "290519700007",
          "dateOfBirth": "290570"
      "notification": {
        "setup": {
          "request": "SendBoth",
          "reminder": "Off"
        "language": "NO"
      "oneTimeLogin": false

# JSON Payload explanation:

Property Type Required Description
information object true Contains two elements, name (string) and description (string), which allows you to set the name and description of your Secure Share.
content array true This list contains information about what you want to share. You need one object per item and in each object you must set the id, name and type. To limit what your recipients are allowed to see in your share, refer to the uploads explanation in the recipient object.
recipients array true Here you list everyone you want to share your content with and who will get access to your newly created share. You can specify individual access rights and their expiration on an individual level.

# information (object)

Property Type Required Description
name string true Here, set the name of the Secure Share you want to create
description string true Describe your share so that your recipients understand what and why you want share the files with them.

# content (array)

Property Type Required Description
id string true This is a unique string you specify so you can connect recipients to individual items, which allows you to limit or give access individually.
name string true The name of the item you want to share.
type string true You must specify if this is a file or any of the other support formats that we support.

# recipients (array)

Property Type Required Description Parameters
firstname string true First name of the person you want to share with.
lastname string true Last name of the person you want to share with.
email string true Email address of the recipient
expires datetime true This field specifies when the recipient access expires in ISO 8601 format
mobile object true Two elements: countryCode (int) and number (int)
uploads array true Leave this list empty [] if you want to share all your content with this recipient. If not, create a list with the ids you used for each of the items in your content list above that you want to share.
authentication array true List of authentication providers your recipient has to use to access your new Secure Share. identityProvider (string): Use one of the following: UNKNOWN, NO_BANKID_MOBILE, NO_BANKID_WEB, SWE_BANKID, SWE_BANKID_MOBILE, NO_BUYPASS, DA_NEMID or FI_TUPAS.

ssn (string): Social security number of the recipient.

dateOfBirth (date): Date in format ddMMyy or day day month month and the two last numbers in the year.
notification object Object where you can specify how or if your recipient should be notified about your new Secure Share. setup (object): Object with two elements:
request (string): Do you want to send notifications as email, sms,both or none. Use one of the following strings to specify: Off, SendSms, SendEmail or SendBoth.
reminder (string): If you want to send a reminder to the recipient, use this element and choose one of the following: Off, SendSms, SendEmail or SendBoth.

language (string): You can get notification in either Norwegian or English by either setting it to NO or EN.
oneTimeLogin boolean If you only want the recipient to access your share once, then you need to set this to true.

# Step 2: Read the response

The response you'll receive contains an ID. It's important that you keep this id, as this will be used in the next step when you upload files.

# Step 3: Upload files


Upload the file content as the body of your request. It is important to have Content-Type as multipart/form-data in the http request. Repeat this step for all uploads previously registered in step 1.

# Step 4: You're done

When you've uploaded all the files you registered the notification you specified in step one, the recipient(s) will be notified.

After you post the example json to our Secure Share endpoint, we will encrypt the files and send an sms and email to Tony Stark with a notification that you want to share one file with him. Tony can then click on the link on his smartphone or in the email to open the Secury Share webportal. Here, Tony has to authenticate with the expected identification services and you will get a notification.

Last updated: 10/05/2022 12:48 UTC