# Quick start guide

Learn how to get any important document signed with Signicat Express Sign on your Salesforce account. This user guide explains how to create a signing order and download the signed files.

# Before you start

If you don't have an account already, you need to create a Salesforce account (opens new window).

If you haven't installed Signicat Express Sign, follow the Installation guide.

# Step by step guide

  1. Log in (opens new window) to your Salesforce account.

  2. Click on the Signicat Express Sign component on your Salesforce homepage. Not there? Learn how to place the component on your homepage with the Installation guide.

  3. Click New signing order to open the component.

    Signing order

  4. To add any document to the signing order, click Upload Files and choose the file(s) from your local folders. Then, click Open to upload the file(s) to the signing order.

  5. The file "Title" matches the file name on your device, by default. To edit, click on the text box under "Title" and enter your preferred title.

  6. Add recipients to the signing order under "Signers". You can search among your Salesforce contacts via the search box, or enter any email address manually in the "Email" field. A mobile phone number is optional.

  7. Select one or more signing methods to authenticate the signer. Then, click Add signer.

  8. To add more signers to the signing order, repeat steps 6-7. At least one signer is required. You may add yourself as a signer by clicking Add myself. You can find a list of signers added under "Signers".

  9. Under "Options", enter the "Title" (required) of the signing order and a brief description (optional). These fields will be visible to the signers.

  10. Click Send to create the signing order. The recipients will receive an email with a link to sign the documents.

  11. Click the refresh button next to New signing order on the component window to see your order.

  12. You can view the signing order details by clicking View on the row corresponding to your signing order.

  13. If you've added yourself as a signer, you can click Sign to sign the document(s).

  14. Once all signatures are complete, click View > Download to download each signed document. You can choose to download "Signed" or "Unsigned" documents. ​


Download all signed documents as soon as possible. Signed documents are deleted after 30 days and cannot be retrieved.

Last updated: 26/09/2022 08:44 UTC