This documentation is now deprecated.

We are migrating to our new Digital Trust Platform (DTP), which contains the latest developer documentation for Registry Lookups - now renamed to Data Verification. This means that the Registry Lookups Express documentation is now deprecated.

Please navigate to our new documentation:

# Quick start guides to Registry lookups

Learn how to monitor or verify information about natural persons or organisations in just a few steps. Refer to our API documentation about the Information API or the Person monitoring API for detailed information about all the available endpoints and properties.

In order to follow the quick start guides below, you will need some test data. Exactly what kind of data you need will depend on the API you are using and the endpoints you want to call. For example, you must provide the organisation number of a company to test organisational lookups, or you might need a test personal ID number to test person monitoring. You can find information about how to access relevant test data on the Test data page.

# Before you start

If you don't have an account already, you need to create a free Signicat account:

Create a free account

# Which API to use

If you want to monitor information about natural persons as it changes over time (e.g. when they change addresses), use the Monitoring tab of the guide. If you just want to look up information about a person or organisation, use the Information tab.

# Get started

Last updated: 25/01/2024 12:56 UTC