# Theming

Learn how to theme your app with a custom spinner, background, and theme colour.

# Play with different themes

To see examples of themes, visit our theme preview page (opens new window).

# Different ways to theme your app

  • Under your account in the Signicat dashboard you can choose to set up a default theme for your account. This will be used unless you override it in the create deposit API request. *You can specify the UI for the tenant in the API request.

# Theme options

The styling property of the UI lets you customise the UI for a tenant.

Property What it does
colorTheme Themes the buttons and icons
themeMode Choose between a dark or a light theme. If you are using a dark background colour, you should set this to Dark
spinner Choose between a set of loading spinners
backgroundColor Set a background colour for the app, we accept hexadecimal and HTML colours

# Theming by API

Include the desired theming options for a tenant when creating the deposit.

# Request


Request sample

  "tenants": [{
    "ui": {
      "styling": {
        "colorTheme": "Pink",
        "themeMode": "Light",
        "spinner": "Cubes",
        "backgroundColor": "#fafafa"
Last updated: 10/03/2022 17:32 UTC