# Swisscom AIS with Personalausweis onboarding

The main aim of this service is to provide a secure and compliant online onboarding of users before they can sign a document with Swisscom AIS (all-in signing).

Swisscom AIS alone requires a face-to-face onboarding using a Registration Authority-solution provided by Swisscom. This service allows your users to onboard electronically with Personalausweis without having to meet a support agent face-to-face.

This service is only available for users with a Personalausweis card, which mainly means the German market.

# Onboarding with Personalausweis

In this example, the user sits home on their computer and have received a document to be signed with Swisscom AIS. In this case, the user has no Swisscom user account from before and will be forwarded to Personalausweis for online authentication with the Personalausweis card. Once authenticated with Personalausweis and thus registered in the Swisscom RA database, the user can continue to signing with Swisscom AIS.

  1. The user has received a document for signing with Swisscom AIS.

  2. Before the user can sign, the user is asked to enter the phone number to start the authentication process.


  3. Since this is a new user, Swisscom does not recognise the phone number and offers to re-enter the mobile number in case it was provided incorrectly or to register as a new user.

  4. In this case, the user selects to register as a new user and is asked to accept the terms and confirm the registration as a new user.


  5. A one-time password (OTP) is sent to the user’s mobile to make sure the user owns the phone they register on (as registered in step 2).


  6. The user enters the OTP on the computer and continues.

  7. The user is now forwarded to the Personalausweis welcome screen on their computer for further authentication and is asked to identify with Personalausweis (see details on the separate Personalausweis page, Authenticate with AusweisApp2 on a computer).

  8. The user receives an SMS with a link to fulfil the registration and to set a user password.

  9. When the user is finished with the registration, they are sent back to Swisscom AIS to start the signing process (see the next section).

# Signing using Swisscom QES

Once the user is onboarded (see the above section), the user enters the Swisscom AIS signing process. This is the same process as described on the separate Swisscom AIS page about Electronic Signing. The only difference is that the end-user in this integration enters the phone number (not name) to start the signing process (see step 2 in the above section).

# Integrating with the combined service through Signicat

The integration is done via the same API as Signicat's other ID methods. For start-up information, see Getting started with authentication. Through the single point of integration, merchants get access to Signicat's wide portfolio of integrated ID methods, as well as other services like identity proofing.

Onboarding of end-users into Swisscom has been integrated into the Swisscom plugin flow. This is available through a separate method definition. It uses the Personalausweis plugin for authenticating the user and then uses Personalausweis attributes to import the user into the Swisscom Registration Authority (RA) user database.

# Test information

Signicat's test environment is available 24/7 and may be used during your development and test phase.

# Other sources

ID method pages for the separate services:

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