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# MobileID InApp upgrade guide

Signicat MobileID uses Encap Security, a part of our mobile identity (opens new window) solutions. Encap Security offers a proven, certified, banking-grade security solution for mobile applications.

Encap Security releases new versions of its client and server APIs, with unified version numbering, about three times per year. New releases of Signicat MobileID reflect the Encap Security releases in order to continuously improve the service and fulfil our customers' security requirements.

Encap Security requires compatibility between the client and the server, motivated by the fact that it is a security product and shall be updated regularly. Encap follows the paradigm of approximately two-year backward compatibility between the client and the server.

Hence it is the release dates which are relevant for compatibility between the client and the server, not the actual version numbers. There can be intermediate patches, such as 3.13.x, which both Signicat and its customers should upgrade to as soon as possible when they become available.

# Current version of Encap used by the MobileID service


The current release of the Encap server that the Signicat MobileID solution uses is version 3.14, supporting Encap client versions 3.9 to 3.14.

You can information on updates to MobileID in our MobileID InApp release notes.

# Upgrade plan for the MobileID service

This is the preliminary upgrade plan for the MobileID service:

MobileID service upgrade Encap server version Encap release date Compatible Encap client versions Comments
13 Oct 2020 3.9 Dec 2019 3.5 - 3.9
3.10 Aug 2020 3.5 - 3.10 This version was skipped in MobileID
13 Apr 2021 3.11 Dec 2020 3.5 - 3.11
3.12 Apr 2021 3.7 - 3.12 This version was skipped in MobileID
11 Jan 2022 3.13 Nov 2021 3.8 - 3.13
05 Apr 2022 3.14 Q1 2022 3.9 - 3.14 Currently used by the MobileID service

# Upgrade process

Signicat regularly sends notifications to its customers regarding updates to the MobileID service. The notifications contain information about new service releases, along with details on which client versions will need to be upgraded at what point in time.


We advise our customers to prepare the upgrade of their apps to use the latest Encap client version as soon as possible, even if backward compatibility indicates that it is possible to keep using the current version.

The upgrade process is illustrated in the following steps, reflecting version numbers relevant at the time of writing. The MobileID service currently runs version 3.14 and clients run versions 3.9 - 3.14.

  1. Customers upgrade their clients to version 3.14 (the latest compatible Encap client version) in order to ensure compatibility with the next server version, 3.15. Refer to the 'Compatible Encap client versions' column in the upgrade plan table above.
  2. Signicat notifies its customers of the pending upgrade of the MobileID service to version 3.15 with the planned service window and a list of new features.
  3. Signicat upgrades the MobileID service to version 3.15 of the Encap server and notifies its customers when the new version is in production.
  4. Customers upgrade their clients to version 3.15 (the latest compatible Encap client version).

# Further reading

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