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# MobileID InApp release notes

This page contains the release notes for MobileID InApp.

You can view the corresponding SDK documentation on our Mobile Identity Partner Wiki (opens new window).

You will need to provide your organisation's shared account's access details. Access to the repository for downloading SDKs is personal and provided to dedicated Signicat contacts within your organisation.

# 05.04.2022

# Updates

  • You can use the new sendPush login hint to specify whether a push notification should be sent for a given transaction. You can find documentation on login hints under the respective URL construction guide.
  • Several new device management operations are now possible, including getActiveDevices, getDeviceInfo, lockDevice and unlockDevice. You can find documentation on their usage by clicking the 'Authentication' tab in our integration guide (section 'Device management operations').
  • We now provide several options for validating Consent Signature output. The result you will receive from Consent Signature will always contain a JSON Web Token (JWT) signed by Signicat. You can now choose how much of the signing certificate to put into the JWT. You can find more information by clicking the 'Consent Signature' tab in our URL construction guide (section 'Payload processing).
  • The Encap server has been upgraded to version 3.14. This means that you can now upgrade your Encap client version to 3.14.

# Further reading

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