# Mobile app-initiated operations: URL construction

This page contains URL construction guides in the context of mobile app-initiated operations.


Details specific to the construction of the signing URL for the mobile-initiated Consent Signature operation are included in the mobile app-initiated Consent Signature operations process description.

# Requests and responses

# Parameters

Parameter Description
STATE_IDENTIFIER Random text used together with CUSTOMER_REG_METHOD_NAMEto uniquely identify the ongoing registration session in the merchant's backend.

The session state can be compared when callback/ redirect data is received from Signicat.
ACTIVATION_CODE Code to be used with Encap.
STATUS_URL URL (towards Signicat's backend) that is used to get the status of the ongoing operation.
COMPLETE_URL URL (towards Signicat's backend) that is used to signal the completion of the transaction.

This will need to be used when the merchant's app gets notification from MobileID that the registration is done.
CODE_CHALLENGE PKCE Code Challenge. Base64UrlEncoded SHA256 of the the value for CODE_VERIFIER(to be used later when the authentication code is exchanged for access_token)
CODE_CHALLENGE_METHOD PKCE Code Challenge Method. Recommended: S256

# Further reading

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