# MobileID InApp Realtime Application Self Protection (RASP)

# Introduction

MobileID InApp customers may optionally secure their mobile app using Realtime Application Self Protection (RASP). The RASP option is recommended and is offered through the third-party solution Promon Shield, which is developed by Promon (opens new window).

By applying this layer of protection, you can protect your app against reverse engineering and modification, monitor its runtime behaviour, detect whether the app executes in an insecure environment (i.e. on rooted/jailbroken devices) and modify its behaviour in real time to interrupt potential attacks. The option is available for Android and iOS.

Promon Shield is integrated as a fully automatic post-compilation step or as an integrated part of building the app with the Android or iOS build systems. Signicat will build a specific software package for customers who decide to implement the RASP option. Contact Signicat at for additional information.

# Further reading

Last updated: 30/11/2022 11:28 UTC