# MobileID InApp Push notification service for Android and iOS

# Introduction

As part of the MobileID product, Signicat optionally offers a push notification service. The service is typically used to bring the end-user's attention to the mobile device when authentication is initiated on another device (e.g. in a browser on a desktop or laptop) or in other use cases where there is a need to bring the app to the foreground.


It is possible to send a push notification to all active devices for a user and to start a session for all devices, using BROADCAST_TO_ALL_DEVICES. When one device completes the operation, all other open sessions will be cancelled.

Signicat's push notification service uses Google's FCM service for Android devices and Apple's APNS for iOS devices. Customers may also choose to use their own push notification service with MobileID.

If you are considering using MobileID in more than one of your apps, a good practice is to configure each app with a unique applicationId to take possible future scenarios into consideration. Signicat will set this up on your behalf. Contact Signicat at for additional information.

# Further reading

Last updated: 30/11/2022 11:28 UTC