# Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

# Can the MobileID App be used on a mobile device without a fingerprint reader?

Yes, the user will then use a PIN code.

# What is the difference between using the MobileID App and enabling native fingerprint support from the OS in your application?

Signicat registers the phone as an authentication device and binds the user to the phone and fingerprint (or PIN). The connection between the phone and the server is encrypted and securely handled by Signicat using award-winning technology.

# Can the MobileID App be used with Microsoft Surface?

No, the MobileID App cannot be used with Microsoft Surface. Only Android and iOS devices are supported.

# Does the MobileID App support OIDC and SAML2?

Yes, the MobileID App supports both the OIDC and SAML2 identity protocols.

# Does the customer need to have SignicatID (SCID)?

No, the MobileID App will operate without SignicatID (SCID). But SignicatID can be configured to use the MobileID App as an authenticator.

The MobileID App is a standalone mobile app that can be used as an authenticator. The MobileID InApp solution provides an API which allows customers to implement strong customer authentication in their existing mobile apps.

# Who publishes the MobileID App?

Signicat AS is the publisher of the MobileID App. Going forward, Signicat is considering creating soft-branded apps, where a customer can be the publisher.

# Further reading

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