# Upgrade to Onfido 3.4 (January 2023)

Currently, the Assure API is using Onfido’s API v3.2. However, Onfido requires Signicat and all other integrators to upgrade to API version 3.4 (opens new window).

In the new version, Onfido has added two new mandatory fields:

This page contains information about the changes and describes how you can prepare for them in advance.


These changes are only relevant if you use Onfido in your processes.

To comply to the changes, we are now updating the Assure API. This upgrade will take effect January 2023. To ensure your integration will continue working, check the required changes below and make sure to perform them before that time.

If you have more questions after reading this documentation, please contact us at

# Changes per integration path

How the changes will affect you depends on how you are uploading the end-user's images to Onfido. Please, select your chosen integration path below:


# Why did Onfido do this update?

Onfido did this upgrade to comply with US laws on biometric data (BIPA). See Onfido’s release notes (opens new window) for details.

# Can I disable this new screen?

Onfido requires that all end-users located in the USA are presented with this new consent screen. Also, they can only continue with the verification, using Onfido, if they accept Onfido’s Privacy notices and consent language (opens new window).

# Will I see any impact on my transactions?

You should see no major difference in the success rate of your transactions. It is possible, however, that you see a few more failed processes. The reason is that US end-users can deny consent to Onfido using their biometric data, which will cause the Assure process to fail.

Last updated: 29/11/2022 15:11 UTC