# Identity proofing services (providers)

The Signicat Assure API integrates with multiple eIDV and eID services to verify the identity of your customers.

# Electronic Identity Document Verification (eIDV)

You can use an Electronic Identity Document Verification (eIDV) service to verify an end-user’s identity by scanning and checking the information of an ID document. Such a service can also offer other types of verification services, such as facial similarity check and/or liveness check.

The Signicat Assure API enables you to combine a wide range of identity document verification mechanisms such as NFC reading of passports, fully automated verification using AI and manual verification performed by agents, based on the specific requirements for each individual end-user identity being verified.

Leading providers such as Onfido (opens new window)Electronic IDentification (opens new window) and ReadID (opens new window) as well as Signicat Paper (opens new window) are integrated and ready to be used in the Assure API.

Being a single point of integration across providers, the Assure API dramatically reduces integration and maintenance of the identity assurance of end-users and allows companies to strike the right balance of risk, user experience and cost.

# Supported eIDV providers

Below is a list of eIDV providers currently integrated with the Assure API and the services they provide.

Provider OCR + verification Facial similarity Liveness check Other features
Onfido (opens new window) X X X
Electronic IDentification (opens new window) X X X Manual review or live interview by a support agent.
ReadID (opens new window) X NFC reading of ID document's chip.
Signicat Paper (opens new window) X Redaction of ID images.

For more details about using third-party providers’ SDK, please contact Signicat Support at

# Electronic Identity (eID)

Assure API allows to obtain identity information from ID methods and to match and corroborate the obtained data from these sources.

# Supported eID providers

Assure API supports eID providers like iDIN, Norwegian BankID and NemID. Please check the ID methods page for a full list of the eID providers currently supported by Signicat. Most of these ID methods are available through Assure API. For details, contact Internally to the Assure API, you must use the Connect service from Signicat to access those eID services.

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