# Identity proofing

Digital onboarding offers challenges that face to face onboarding does not. Companies need to remotely ensure who their customer is and detect potential risks for diminishing the chance of being used for illegal activities.

Signicat's own Identity proofing solution, Assure, drastically simplifies the onboarding process in many industries like banking and finance. The Assure API integrates with multiple identification services to verify the identity of your customers. When choosing which identification services to use for identity assurance, this must be done considering multiple factors such as the required level of assurance, user experience, the nationality of end-users, etc. This is typically dictated by the geographic markets that the company operates in and is often subject to local regulatory requirements.

If you want to read more introductory texts about identity proofing before you start the integration, we recommend the following topics:

# Guides

# APIs

The Signicat Assure API enables you to combine a wide range of identity document verification mechanisms such as NFC reading of passports, fully automated verification using AI and manual verification performed by agents, based on the specific requirements for each individual end-user identity being verified.

# Identification services

The Signicat Assure API integrates with multiple eIDV and eID services (ID methods) to verify the identity of your customers.

# eIDV services

You can use an electronic Identity Verification service (eIDV) to verify an end-user’s identity by scanning and checking the information of an ID document. The following eIDV providers are currently integrated with the Assure API:

# ID methods

Assure API allows to obtain identity information from identity methods (eID services) and to match and corroborate the obtained data from these sources. Most of the following eIDs are available through Assure API. Internally to the Assure API, you must use the Connect service from Signicat to access those eID services. For details, contact

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