# Graphical Adjustments And Customisation

# Graphical profile

Identity methods delivered by Signicat are wrapped in a graphical profile surrounding the individual method. The graphical profile is customisable and you can change the header and the background.


Signicat's ID portal can provide the end-user with a list of ID methods, in cases where you want to offer the ability to choose between two or more methods.

The following instructions illustrate how to customise the interface for individual methods.

To create graphical profiles for individual methods or to edit existing profiles, sign in to your account on Signicat's Customer Portal and go to Graphical profiles in the menu.

Sign in to the Customer Portal

Graphical profile screenshot

The header displayed can be visible or hidden in the UI and the following can be changed:

  • Your logo
  • Header colour

# Background

You can change the colour of the background behind the identity method or have a background image

# Frequently asked questions

# What is the Signicat graphical profile?

The profile gives you the option to add your logo and and branding. The graphical profile ensures that your branding stays consistent across methods the profile. This saves our customers time and money on integration.

# Why can’t I edit HTML/CSS?

To ensure that we can continuously update and improve our products we need to have a standardised interface.

# Why aren’t my existing profiles visible in the Customer Portal?

The Graphical Profile Editor is not integrated with Signicat's production system. So it’s not able to load any profiles launched in services in production. The Graphical profile editor is a tool to edit Signicat standard graphical profiles.

# What happens when I submit graphical profiles?

If you choose to submit a profile from the Customer Portal, it will be sent to Signicat Support for validation and is then published. You will be contacted by Signicat Support when the profile is launched to pre-production.

Usually you will have a set number of graphical profiles in your contract, see your contract for more information. There is a monthly fee per additional profiles being set up by Signicat Support, but this will always be discussed with your Key-Account-Manager and manually cleared with you before any new profiles are billed.

# Modifying texts within identity methods

With many of the identity methods, as well as our signing solution, a number of titles and explanatory texts can be modified on a customer by customer basis. Changes to texts in the identity methods can be coordinated with Signicat Support.

# Configuring the signing UI

Many of the texts and graphical elements in Signicat's document presenter can be manually configured for the customer by Signicat. This includes buttons, titles and explanation texts. See our documentation on customising the document presenter for more information.

Last updated: 10/01/2023 08:09 UTC