# OIDC response examples

This page contains OIDC response examples for some of the ID methods available for authentication. The examples show how to use the access token to return a JSON response containing the end-user's information.

The request should always look like this (replace ACCESS_TOKEN with your access token):

curl -XGET "https://preprod.signicat.com/oidc/userinfo" -H "Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN"

The response examples for each ID method can be found in the corresponding sections below.

# MobileID App

    "sub": "IntKwFc3VGyxwPqvAF7A_S8JQXri812W",
    "deviceId": "t5Vaz9uHuwZOzf8TuPJAk8Tz6qCbKuMK"

# Norwegian BankID

"name":"Weasley, Ginny",

# Smart-ID

"locale": "ee",
"name": "DEMO SMART-ID",
"given_name": "DEMO",
"family_name": "SMART-ID",
"signicat.national_id": "10101010005"

# itsme

    "sub": "TXuEna3XLCQXRjcLjaZ1aUptqitw50Ny",
    "birthdate": "1974-04-12",
    "email_verified": "false",
    "address": "place Sainte Gudule",
    "gender": "male",
    "name": "Debora Test",
    "given_name": "Debora",
    "family_name": "Test",
    "email": "test@signicat.be"

# Swedish BankID

	"family_name": "Signicat",
	"given_name": "John",
	"locale": "SV",
	"name": "John Signicat",
	"signicat.national_id": "199010275312",
	"sub": "KGMyh5FBCMTkEN934sOLyyBS0rPd4-up",
	"subject.nameid.namequalifier": "BANKID-SE"

# NemID

   "name":"Tycho Brahe",

# FTN (Finnish bank eIDs)


This example uses OP bank.

  "name":"Väinö Tunnistus",

# Mobiilivarmenne (via FTN)

    "ftn.satu": "440397400",
    "sub": "t8SsCF9-gu6EhjjkqJMGlN0fR54hsaiB",
    "birthdate": "1958-05-21",
    "gender": "M",
    "name": "Matti Meikäläinen",
    "phone_number_verified": "true",
    "phone_number": "+358401239876",
    "signicat.national_id": "210558-012X",
    "locale": "FI",
    "given_name": "Matti",
    "family_name": "Meikäläinen"
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