# 🛠 Getting started with authentication

This guide will take you through a process for connecting to our demo environment with code samples of how to integrate with Signicat. Happy coding! 💻

# 1. Sign up for demo credentials

If you are not already a customer you can sign up to get demo credentials for free. Already a customer? Go to your Dashboard and navigate to your OIDC clients page.

Sign up for demo credentials

# 2. Start building

# Sample integration code

# 3. Try it out

Open http://localhost:5000 with your browser and test the authentication flow.

You will need a test user to complete the authentication. For example, you can use the following credentials for Norwegian BankID:

Test user for Norwegian Bank ID

User ID: 10103933108

Password: qwer1234

One time password (OTP): otp

Last updated: 7/21/2021, 1:18:18 PM