# Session Data Storage (SDS)

Signicat's Session Data Storage (SDS) is a RESTful web service that helps you avoid having to transfer large amounts of data in your web service requests and isolates file transfers from the rest of your business logic.

SDS is typically used together with other Signicat APIs such as the RESTful Sign API our our DocumentService and PackagingService SOAP APIs.

Files such as documents for signing orders are uploaded to and downloaded from SDS using plain HTTP, so in order to upload a document, you HTTP POST it. To download, you HTTP GET it.

The requests are authenticated using basic authentication, where the username is your service name and the password is the same as in your web service requests. Signicat Support will help you acquire the correct credentials for your integration.

Follow the links in the menu on the left for our SDS user guides and code examples.

Last updated: 5/7/2021, 1:16:47 PM