# Identification for businesses via iDIN and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK, from Dutch "Kamer van Koophandel") offers a lookup service that makes it possible to check if a specific natural person has a legal mandate that allows them to represent a specific organisation in the Netherlands. Through Signicat, this service is provided as a plugin and in combination with iDIN, an eID method which is used to authenticate the person's identity in the first place. KvK lookups can be used to expand the functionality of iDIN in a variety of situations; for instance, if a merchant needs to close a contract with another company, KvK can be used to verify that the person signing the contract has the legal right to do so.

One of the advantages of using KvK through Signicat is that, by integrating towards the Signicat Identity Platform, you will be able to use not just KvK, but also all the other lookups, eID methods and other services offered by Signicat. Additionally, since KvK is used in combination with iDIN, the likelihood of errors being introduced during the identity proofing process is lowered. However, the main advantage of using KvK through Signicat is that all the necessary verifications that must normally be done manually are automated. Since there are a lot of variables that can affect the outcome of the verification, automating this process is a great step towards improved efficiency.

# Use case

KvK lookups can be very useful in B2B contexts. For instance, when a company is hired by another company to conduct accounting-related activities. In this sort of scenario, where contracts need to be signed, it is important to ensure that the person who signs has a relevant legal mandate. Using KvK through Signicat makes this process convenient for both parties, especially considering the complexity of the validation that must be carried out.

# How it works

  1. The merchant redirects the end-user to the identity proofing process.
  2. The user authenticates with iDIN and consents to sharing their identity attributes.
  3. The user is prompted to enter the organisational number of the organisation they represent. Alternatively, the organisational number can be included in the redirect URL if it is known beforehand, in which case the user will not be able to edit it and will only have to confirm it.
  4. The data obtained in steps 2 and 3 are sent to the KvK service, which checks for the "best matching" role that can be found in the target organisation.
  5. The service returns a SAML or OIDC response with the following information:
    • The identity attributes of the end-user (as retrieved via iDIN).
    • The organisational data of the organisation as registered in the KvK.
    • Match results, including person's name, date of birth, role, mandate and optional mandate limitations.

The whole process can be conducted in English and Dutch.

# About the "best matching" role

The result obtained from the KvK service is defined as the "best matching" role. The reason for this is that the service goes through a series of hierarchical checks to establish the likelihood that the person identified through iDIN has a role with legal mandate in the company. This ensures that a result may be obtained even if it is not a perfect match, in order to avoid a false negative (for example, due to a misspelled surname). It also avoids potential issues that could arise if a person has several legally relevant roles within a company (for example, being both the CEO and a member of the board).

The criteria used to establish the best matching role are the following (in hierarchical order):

  1. The date of birth of the person (NatuurlijkPersoon) linked to the role as found in the KvK response matches the date of birth obtained through iDIN.
  2. The initials of the first name of the person (NatuurlijkPersoon) linked to the role as found in the KvK response matches the initials of the first name obtained through iDIN.
  3. The role has a "full mandate" (below you can find a list detailing which mandates are regarded as full mandates). Use cases involving roles with shared responsibility are not supported.
  4. No mandate limitations apply to the specific role (of the NatuurlijkPersoon).
  5. The legal last name of the person (NatuurlijkPersoon) as found in the KvK response matches the legal last name obtained through iDIN.

Information about the outcome of each of these points is sent in the response message as a 5-bit bitstream. Each bit corresponds to one of the items in the list above, in their hierarchical order. If the condition is true, the value of the bit will be 1, otherwise it will be 0. If the natural person has more than one role with differently-scored criteria, the one with the highest decimal value will be returned. For instance, if the natural person has the role Bestuursfunctie with a value of 11110 and the role Gemachtigde with a value of 11011, the role that will be returned is Bestuursfunctie.

If more than one role is found for the same person and all roles receive the same ranking, the best matching role is defined as the one that ranks highest in this list:

  1. Eigenaar
  2. Gemachtigde
  3. Bestuursfunctie
  4. Aansprakelijke
  5. Functionaris volgens buitenlands recht

If multiple equal roles with equally matching results receive the same ranking, the common matching result is returned. In this case, the service will only return information about mandate limitations if neither of the roles have any. This is done in order to avoid confusion, as different roles can have different mandate limitations. If the roles have differing limitations, the value that will be returned is 999999999.

If a "best matching" role is found, the service responds with:

  • The match results in the form of the aforementioned 5-bit stream
  • The personal details of the person as found in the KvK
  • The role, mandate and mandate limitations of the person within the organisation at which the match was found (note: this can be the target organisation, but also a "related organisation" if this is enabled; refer to the section below)
  • The organisational number in which the match was found

The service performs verification on the target organisation (the one whose organisational number is provided) and can, optionally, check any "related" organisations that have a formal role within the target organisation (or with any of its "related organisations"). Signicat can configure to which extent "related organisations" should be included in the search operation. For example:

  • Company A has a board of directors and Company B and Company C are both directors in Company A.
  • The service is able to fetch the details of companies B and C and check if there are any roles within these organisations which qualify as a "best matching" role.
  • If required, the service can also continue to search in organisations related to companies B or C and so forth. Signicat can configure this by limiting the operation to a number of "search steps".

The organisation for which the BMR applies is defined in the field kvk.processor.bmrmandateorganisation. A BMR result does not provide any information about the BMR’s mandate in any other organisation than the one defined in the field kvk.processor.bmrmandateorganisation.

# Data checked to establish the best matching role

Personal identity attributes:

  • surname
  • initials of the first name
  • date of birth

Supported organisation types:

  • Eenmanszaak (EMZ)
  • Rederij (RED)
  • Maatschap (MA)
  • Vennootschap Onder Firma (VOF)
  • Commanditaire Vennootschap (CV)
  • Besloten Vennootschap (BV)
  • Naamloze Vennootschap (NV)
  • Coöperatie (COP)
  • Kerkgenootschap (KG)
  • Vereniging van Eigenaars (VvE)
  • Onderlinge Waarborg Maatschappij (OWM)
  • Stichting (ST)
  • Europees economisch samenwerkingsverband (EESV)
  • Europese naamloze vennootschap (SE)
  • Vereniging (VER)
  • Overige Privaatrechtelijke Rechtspersoon (OPR)
  • Europese coöperatieve vennootschap (SCE)
  • Publiekrechtelijke Rechtspersoon (PR)
  • Kapitaalvennootschap binnen EER (KV-EER)
  • Kapitaalvennootschap buiten EER (KV-NEER)
  • Overige buitenlandse rechtspersoon of vennootschap (OBRV)

The following situations will generate an exception in the verification process:

  • Organisatie heeft bijzondere rechtstoestand (the organisation has an exceptional juridical situation)
  • Organisatie heeft beperking in rechtshandeling (the organisation has a limitation in legal actions)
  • Organisatie is uitgeschreven (the organisation has been de-registered)
  • Organisatie is ontbonden (the organisation has been dissolved)
  • Organisatie heeft brief voornemen ontbinding ontvangen (the organisation has received letter of intent to dissolve)
  • Organisatie heeft activiteiten gestaakt (the organisation has stopped its activities)
  • Organisatie heeft geen onbepaalde duur (the organisation does not have unlimited lifetime)
  • Organisatie is beëindigd (the organisation has ended its activities)
  • Organisatie heeft buitenlandse rechtstoestand (the organisation has a foreign exceptional juridical situation)

The following roles of an organisation are considered in the verification process:

  • Eigenaar
  • Gemachtigde
  • Bestuursfunctie
  • Aansprakelijke
  • Functionaris volgens buitenlands recht

The following personal data are considered before the person's role:

  • Persoon is overleden (the person has died) - this role will be ignored
  • Functie van persoon is geschorst (the role of the person has been suspended) - this role will be ignored

The following limitations on the mandate of a role are taken into account:

  • Aansprakelijke - beperking in euros (limitation in euros)
  • Aansprakelijke - overige beperking (other limitation)
  • Aansprakelijke - handlichting niet verleend (no release of covenant for minor person)
  • Gemachtigde - volmacht is statutair (mandate has been described in statutes)
  • Gemachtigde - volmacht voor vestiging (mandate is linked to a branch)
  • Functionaris volgens buitenlands recht - heeft afwijkend aansprakelijksheidsbeding (person has deviating liability clause)
  • Person - beperking in rechtshandeling - (person has restricted mandate)
  • Person - handlichting niet verleend (no release of covenant for minor person)
  • Person - bijzondere rechtstoestand (special legal situation)

The following mandates are regarded as "full mandate":

  • Eigenaar (if the user's role is Eigenaar)
  • Onbeperkt bevoegd (if the user's role is Aansprakelijke)
  • Volledige volmacht (if the user's role is Gemachtigde
  • Alleen/zelfstandig bevoegd (if the user's role is Bestuursfunctie or Functionaris volgens buitenlands recht)

# How to integrate

Integration with KvK is done via the same API as Signicat’s ID methods. See “Getting started with authentication“ for more information. Through the single point of integration, one will get access to Signicat’s wide portfolio of integrated ID methods.

In order to use iDIN with KvK, Signicat has to enable KvK lookups for you. Get in touch with us to get the process started.

# How to use the KvK + iDIN plugin

This section describes how to use the KvK + iDIN plugin on the Signicat platform.

# How to send a request with a prefilled KvK number

To send a request with a prefilled KvK number, add the following at the end of the request URL for the iDIN method:


00000000 is the KvK number.

In case of an OIDC flow, append the following login_hint to the URL on the OIDC/authorize endpoint:


# List of output attributes

Attributes are divided into three categories depending on how their name begins:

  • "idin." attributes are attributes that were retrieved from iDIN
  • "kvk." attributes are attributes that were retrieved from KvK
  • "kvk.processor" attributes are attributes that were calculated by Signicat
Field name Data type Description
idin.consumer.initials text Name initials of the iDIN end-user.
Example: VJ
idin.consumer.legallastname text Legal last name of the iDIN end-user.
Example: de Vries
idin.consumer.dateofbirth number Date of birth of the iDIN end-user.
Example: 19750725
idin.* Any other requested iDIN attributes (see list here)
kvk.MaatschappelijkeActiviteit.kvkNummer number KvK number of the target organisation.
Example: 65688708
kvk.MaatschappelijkeActiviteit.naam text Name of the target organisation.
Example: Signicat AS
kvk.MaatschappelijkeActiviteit.aanduidingbijhuisnummer text Extra house number field.
Example: boven
kvk.MaatschappelijkeActiviteit.huisletter text Extra house number letter.
Example: b
kvk.MaatschappelijkeActiviteit.huisnummer text House number.
Example: 7
kvk.MaatschappelijkeActiviteit.huisnummertoevoeging text Extra house number field.
Example: 3
kvk.MaatschappelijkeActiviteit.plaats text Place.
Example: 's-Gravenhage
kvk.MaatschappelijkeActiviteit.postbusnummer text Mailbox number.
Example: 1208
kvk.MaatschappelijkeActiviteit.postcode text Postal code.
Example: 2596AL
kvk.MaatschappelijkeActiviteit.straatnaam text Street name.
Example: Zuid-Hollandlaan text Country in case of foreign address.
Example: Noorwegen
kvk.MaatschappelijkeActiviteit.postcodewoonplaats text Postal code and place in case of foreign address.
Example: 7010 Trondheim
kvk.MaatschappelijkeActiviteit.regio text Region in case of foreign address.
Example: Trøndelag
kvk.MaatschappelijkeActiviteit.straathuisnummer text Street and house number in case of foreign address.
Example: Gryta 2B
kvk.processor.kvktimestamp timestamp Timestamp which defines the date and time of the query towards the HR data service
kvk.processor.rechtsvorm text One of the organisation types listed in Supported organisation types above (abbreviated).
Example: EMZ
kvk.processor.exception number Shows the reason why no reliable person match could be established. Limited to the following values:
- 0000: No exception applicable
- 0001: Organisatie heeft bijzondere rechtstoestand (organisation has an exceptional juridical situation)
- 0002: Organisatie heeft beperking in rechtshandeling (organisation has limitation in legal actions)
- 0003: Organisatie is uitgeschreven (organisation has been de-registered)
- 0004: Organisatie is ontbonden (organisation has been dissolved)
- 0005: Organisatie heeft brief voornemen ontbinding ontvangen (organisation has received letter of intent to dissolve)
- 0006: Organisatie heeft activiteiten gestaakt (organisation has stopped activities)
- 0007: Organisatie heeft geen onbepaalde duur (organisation has no unlimited lifetime)
- 0008: Organisatie is beëindigd (organisation has ended its activities)
- 0009: Organisatie heeft buitenlandse rechtstoestand (organisation has foreign exceptional juridical situation)
- 0010: Organisatie heeft geen onbeperkte duur (organisation has no unlimited end date)
- 0200: Rechtsvorm niet ondersteund (legal form of organisation not supported)IPD****Fouten beginnend op 'IPD' zijn conform de omschrijving in hoofdstuk 4 (opens new window) van de KvK HR dataservice specificatie (errors starting with 'IPD' are conform the description in chapter 4 (opens new window) of the KvK HR dataservice specifications).
Example: 0000
kvk.processor.bmrmatchresult number Indicates the match results of the "best matching" role of a natural person which has been found in the KvK response. See About the "best matching" role above for a more detailed explanation of how this attribute is built.
Example: 11110
kvk.processor.bmrfirstnames text The first name(s) of the natural person (linked to "best matching" role).
Example: Victor Johan
kvk.processor.bmrlastname text The last name of the natural person (linked to "best matching" role).
Example: Vries, de
kvk.processor.bmrdateofbirth number The date of birth of the natural person (linked to "best matching" role).
Example: 19750725
kvk.processor.bmrrole text The role description of the of the "best matching" role in the organisation (the only possibilities are those listed in About the "best matching" role above).
Example: Aansprakelijke
kvk.processor.bmrmandate text If the "best matching" role has a full mandate, this value describes that mandate:
- "Eigenaar" (in case ROLE is Eigenaar)
- "Onbeperkt bevoegd" (in case ROLE is Aansprakelijke)
- "Volledige volmacht" (in case ROLE is Gemachtigde)
- "Alleen/zelfstandig bevoegd" (in case ROLE is Bestuursfunctie or ROLE is Functionaris volgens buitenlands recht)
- NULL (in case none of the above is applicable).
Example: Onbeperkt bevoegd
kvk.processor.bmrmandatelimits number A 9-digit bitstream indicating the applicable limitation(s) on mandates of the "best matching" role.
- bit 1: Aansprakelijke - beperking in euros (limitation in euro's)
- bit 2: Aansprakelijke - overige beperking (other limitation)
- bit 3: Aansprakelijke - handlichting niet verleend (no release of covenant for minor person)
- bit 4: Gemachtigde - volmacht is statutair (mandate has been described in statutes)
- bit 5: Gemachtigde - volmacht voor vestiging (mandate is linked to a branch)
- bit 6: Functionaris volgens buitenlands recht - heeft afwijkend aansprakelijksheidsbeding (person has deviating liability clause)
- bit 7: Person - beperking in rechtshandeling - (person has restricted mandate)
- bit 8: Person - handlichting niet verleend (no release of covenant for minor person)
- bit 9: Person - bijzondere rechtstoestand (special legal situation)
If limitations can not be established, the value 999999999 will be returned.
Example: 000100001
kvk.processor.bmrmandateorganization number The organisational number (KvK number) of the organisation in which the "best matching" role was found. If this number is a different number than kvk.MaatschappelijkeActiviteit.kvkNummerthis means that the match was found in a related organisation.
Example: 65688708
kvk.processor.kvknumber number The KvK number used as input.
Example: 90000002
kvk.processor.consent text One of the following:"given" means that the end-user filled in the KVK number and chose to proceed after the consent screen
- "assumed" means that the KVK number was prefilled and provided to Signicat in advance, in which case consent is assumed to have been collected.
- "denied" means that the end-user chose to cancel instead of providing a KVK number.
Example: assumed
kvk.processor.kvkresponse text The full KvK HR dataservice response.
kvk.processor.kvk_lookup_status text Indicates if the KvK lookup has been executed successfully.
Example: executed

# Response example

<Response xmlns="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.0:protocol" xmlns:saml="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.0:assertion" xmlns:samlp="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.0:protocol" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" IssueInstant="2019-05-28T12:04:49.919Z" MajorVersion="1" MinorVersion="1" Recipient="" ResponseID="_3ce7bb4f004cdfa2f2cea8e6653e547d"><ds:Signature xmlns:ds=""><ds:SignedInfo><ds:CanonicalizationMethod Algorithm=""></ds:CanonicalizationMethod><ds:SignatureMethod Algorithm=""></ds:SignatureMethod><ds:Reference URI="#_3ce7bb4f004cdfa2f2cea8e6653e547d"><ds:Transforms><ds:Transform Algorithm=""></ds:Transform><ds:Transform Algorithm=""><ec:InclusiveNamespaces xmlns:ec="" PrefixList="code ds kind rw saml samlp typens #default xsd xsi"></ec:InclusiveNamespaces></ds:Transform></ds:Transforms><ds:DigestMethod 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Value="samlp:Success"></StatusCode></Status><Assertion xmlns="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.0:assertion" AssertionID="_3ddd37050996122f4fd1f64bf855d072" IssueInstant="2019-05-28T12:04:49.919Z" Issuer="" MajorVersion="1" MinorVersion="1"><Conditions NotBefore="2019-05-28T12:04:49.919Z" NotOnOrAfter="2019-05-28T12:05:19.919Z"></Conditions><AuthenticationStatement AuthenticationInstant="2019-05-28T12:01:30.652Z" AuthenticationMethod="urn:ksi:names:SAML:2.0:ac:iDIN"><Subject><NameIdentifier Format="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:unspecified" NameQualifier="urn:ksi:names:SAML:2.0:ac:iDIN">NLABNA0000000008</NameIdentifier><SubjectConfirmation><ConfirmationMethod>urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.0:cm:bearer</ConfirmationMethod></SubjectConfirmation></Subject></AuthenticationStatement><AttributeStatement><Subject><NameIdentifier Format="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:unspecified" NameQualifier="urn:ksi:names:SAML:2.0:ac:iDIN">NLABNA0000000008</NameIdentifier><SubjectConfirmation><ConfirmationMethod>urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.0:cm:bearer</ConfirmationMethod></SubjectConfirmation></Subject><Attribute AttributeName="service-name" AttributeNamespace="signicat"><AttributeValue>signicat</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="method-name" AttributeNamespace="signicat"><AttributeValue>idin-kvk</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="security-level" AttributeNamespace="signicat"><AttributeValue>3</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="unique-id" AttributeNamespace="signicat"><AttributeValue>NLABNA0000000008</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="friendly-name" AttributeNamespace="signicat"><AttributeValue>iDIN</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="merchantreference" AttributeNamespace="idin"><AttributeValue>SIGMR0qmMqE2CwhDzVlvDg4XM5VkU</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="transactionid" AttributeNamespace="idin"><AttributeValue>0020000020809265</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="entrancecode" AttributeNamespace="idin"><AttributeValue>succesHIO100OIHtest</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="requestedserviceid" AttributeNamespace="idin"><AttributeValue>21974</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="plain-name" AttributeNamespace="signicat"><AttributeValue>A nl Wingert</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="first-name" AttributeNamespace="signicat"><AttributeValue>A</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="last-name" AttributeNamespace="signicat"><AttributeValue>Wingert</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="legallastnameprefix" AttributeNamespace="urn:nl:bvn:bankid:1.0:consumer"><AttributeValue>nl</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="email" AttributeNamespace="urn:nl:bvn:bankid:1.0:consumer"><AttributeValue></AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="deliveredserviceid" AttributeNamespace="urn:nl:bvn:bankid:1.0:bankid"><AttributeValue>21974</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="preferredlastname" AttributeNamespace="urn:nl:bvn:bankid:1.0:consumer"><AttributeValue>Wingert</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="dateofbirth" AttributeNamespace="urn:nl:bvn:bankid:1.0:consumer"><AttributeValue>19460328</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="country" AttributeNamespace="urn:nl:bvn:bankid:1.0:consumer"><AttributeValue>NL</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="gender" AttributeNamespace="urn:nl:bvn:bankid:1.0:consumer"><AttributeValue>2</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="initials" AttributeNamespace="urn:nl:bvn:bankid:1.0:consumer"><AttributeValue>A</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="telephone" AttributeNamespace="urn:nl:bvn:bankid:1.0:consumer"><AttributeValue>+31612345678</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="bin" AttributeNamespace="urn:nl:bvn:bankid:1.0:consumer"><AttributeValue>NLABNA0000000008</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="legallastname" AttributeNamespace="urn:nl:bvn:bankid:1.0:consumer"><AttributeValue>Wingert</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="street" AttributeNamespace="urn:nl:bvn:bankid:1.0:consumer"><AttributeValue>Pascalstreet</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="houseno" AttributeNamespace="urn:nl:bvn:bankid:1.0:consumer"><AttributeValue>19</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="postalcode" AttributeNamespace="urn:nl:bvn:bankid:1.0:consumer"><AttributeValue>0000AA</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="city" AttributeNamespace="urn:nl:bvn:bankid:1.0:consumer"><AttributeValue>Aachen</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="plain-name" AttributeNamespace="signicat"><AttributeValue>A Wingert</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="initials" AttributeNamespace="idin.consumer"><AttributeValue>A</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="legallastname" AttributeNamespace="idin.consumer"><AttributeValue>Wingert</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="dateofbirth" AttributeNamespace="idin.consumer"><AttributeValue>19460328</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="kvkNummer" AttributeNamespace="kvk.maatschappelijkeactiviteit"><AttributeValue>90000072</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="naam" AttributeNamespace="kvk.maatschappelijkeactiviteit"><AttributeValue>International Zenjob</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="huisnummer" AttributeNamespace="kvk.maatschappelijkeactiviteit"><AttributeValue>15</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="huisnummerToevoeging" AttributeNamespace="kvk.maatschappelijkeactiviteit"><AttributeValue>H</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="plaats" AttributeNamespace="kvk.maatschappelijkeactiviteit"><AttributeValue>Borne</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="postcode" AttributeNamespace="kvk.maatschappelijkeactiviteit"><AttributeValue>7622VH</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="straatnaam" AttributeNamespace="kvk.maatschappelijkeactiviteit"><AttributeValue>Jupiterstraat</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="kvknumber" AttributeNamespace="kvk.processor"><AttributeValue>90000072</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="consent" AttributeNamespace="kvk.processor"><AttributeValue>given</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="kvktimestamp" AttributeNamespace="kvk.processor"><AttributeValue>2019-05-28 12:04:47Z</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="exception" AttributeNamespace="kvk.processor"><AttributeValue>0000</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="rechtsvorm" AttributeNamespace="kvk.processor"><AttributeValue>EMZ</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="bmr_match_result" AttributeNamespace="kvk.processor"><AttributeValue>11111</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="bmr_firstnames" AttributeNamespace="kvk.processor"><AttributeValue>Alane</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="bmr_lastname" AttributeNamespace="kvk.processor"><AttributeValue>Wingert</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="bmr_dateofbirth" AttributeNamespace="kvk.processor"><AttributeValue>19460328</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="bmr_role" AttributeNamespace="kvk.processor"><AttributeValue>Eigenaar</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="bmr_mandate" AttributeNamespace="kvk.processor"><AttributeValue>Eigenaar</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="bmr_mandate_limits" AttributeNamespace="kvk.processor"><AttributeValue>000000000</AttributeValue></Attribute><Attribute AttributeName="bmr_mandate_organization" AttributeNamespace="kvk.processor"><AttributeValue>90000072</AttributeValue></Attribute></AttributeStatement></Assertion></Response>
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