Revoke a client SSL web service certificate

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This guide will show you how to revoke a client SSL certificate that is compromised or should not be used anymore.

For more information about certificates, please refer to SSL web service certificates.


The web services in production requires you to provide a client SSL certificate with all web service calls. It is very important that a certificate that is lost or compromised in any other way is revoked as soon as possible. It is possible for you to have multiple certificates to your service. Signicat does not automatically revoke the old certificate even if you order a new.


Contact Signicat

Send a request to with this information:

  • The name of the certificate that you want to revoke
  • The reason why you want to revoke the certificate

If the certificate is compromised you should also:

  • Include information about how and when the certificate was compromised
  • Call Signicat support immediately on +47 40003410 to ensure that the certificate is revoked as soon as possible. The phone is open 24/7 for this kind of requests.

Get a new certificate

Follow the standard procedure to get a new certificate: Get a client SSL web service certificate.

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