The Signature Process

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The signature process can differ depending on how the Signicat Signature request is composed, depending on the order of the authentication and the presentation of the documents to be signed.

Documents presented first

The end-user is presented with the documents and has to give consent to the contents of each of the documents by marking the documents as read one by one. Then the end-user is asked to authenticate. After the user has authenticated, the authentication result is used for signing the presented and accepted documents.

Authenticate first

As an alternative flow, the end-user is asked to authenticate before the documents are presented. After the user is successfully authenticated he is presented with the documents to be signed and is requested to give consent to each document by marking them as read one by one. When the end-user has viewed all the required documents, he is asked to sign the documents. Then the end-user agrees to sign, and the initial authentication is used as the proof needed for signing.

Regardless of the two alternatives described above, each document is combined with the gathered proof, and the data structure is digitally signed by Signicat.

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