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By default, the portal is located at — but to give the best user experience (and to avoid browser alerts when iframing Signicat’s solution into your website) it is recommended to establish a subdomain. Signicat offers Signicat Subdomain, which allows customers to run their complete integration with id.signicat in their own subdomain.

These are some of the advantages of having a Signicat subdomain:

  • As opposed to our standard solution, the log-in and signature web pages will appear to belong to the company itself. The end user will get the feeling of being on the same website when logging in or signing documents, and not sent to another unknown site during these processes. There is still a redirection, but it is less intrusive and will give a more unified user experience.
  • The need for accepting third-party session cookies in the end users’ browser disappears. Without the use of subdomain, third-party session cookie acceptance must be set in browsers when Signicat’s authentication service is accessed through an iframe.

For more information about setting up subdomains, please refer to the following documentation: Signicat Subdomain

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