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It is possible to select XAdES (XML Advanced Electronic Signature) as the output format of a signature. XAdES is an European ETSI standard that provides several benefits over most of the third-party output formats:

  • One common format
  • Supports Long-term validation
  • Contains relevant events related to the signature process
  • Contains the certificate status response

This format contains information about the end user, the original document, and the digital signature that is applied. It also contains proof of the authentication that the end user performed. Additionally it contains a log of important interactions that took place during the signing ceremony such as the user viewing the document, consenting to the content and performing the authentication.

The XAdES can be packed and results in a PAdES. It is also possible to add multiple XAdES documents into one PAdES, handling multiple documents and multiple signers.

LTV-SDO is an implementation of XAdES in Signicat’s solution. Please see the subpages for more information about the LTV-SDO implementation.

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