Packaging Service

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Our web service PackagingService takes one or more signed XAdES documents (LTV-SDOs) as input and produces one PAdES (PDF) document with a visual representation of the original documents and signatures. The resulting PAdES document may also include a description of the documents, signers and signatures.

The PAdES is packaged according to a Packaging Policy, either a generic one used for authentication-based signing or an ID-specific packaging policy for third party signing. The generic Packaging Policy can be found here. The source XAdES files can be referenced from a recent signing order (OrderDocumentId), the Archive (ArchiveDocumentId), or from the Session Data Storage (SdsDocumentId). The resulting PAdES file is always retrieved from the Session Data Storage.

The following examples can help you get started with PAdES:

Use the packaging service to create a PAdES from an LTV-SDO

Download a PAdES from SDS

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