Signicat Sign for Microsoft (Dynamics 365 CRM) user guide

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This document is aimed at end-users of Signicat Sign for Microsoft (Dynamics 365 CRM) and provides instructions on creating signing orders (signing requests).

In order to create a signing request, an administrator will have to install the Signicat Sign for Microsoft app for your organization. You can find instructions for app installation in our Signicat Sign for Microsoft (Dynamics 365 CRM) administrator guide.

Visit our Signicat Sign for Microsoft (Dynamics 365 CRM) page for more information.

Creating a signing order (signing request)

In the Signicat Sign for Microsoft app, on the left sidebar, click Signing Requests. To create a new signing order, on the top toolbar, click Signing Request.

Fill out the necessary information. This is where you specify the signee(s) and select the relevant signing methods for the document(s) that require signing. When you have populated all mandatory fields, click Save on the top toolbar.

To attach one or more documents, click the paperclip icon on the right-hand side in the Upload Documents section and browse for the correct document(s). When the document(s) are attached, click Save. The signing request is now ready to send. To send the request, click Send on the top toolbar.

When the signee(s) receive the URL to sign the document, they are presented with the entire document as well as the option to sign said document(s).

When clicking Sign document, the signee(s) are presented with the relevant signing methods to choose from.

When the signature is complete, the status of the signing request changes to Completed in the upper right-hand corner.

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