Integrating with Signicat Signature

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You will need to use DocumentService to integrate with Signicat Signature, with the other services below providing value-adding services to your document signing orders:


DocumentService is a service with a SOAP web service interface. It is used for creating and manipulating signing orders for document-centric services at Signicat. The service may be used from any platform capable of making a SOAP web service call. Signicat provides several connector kits with wrapper classes for accessing the web service. A connector kit may or may not be used when calling the service.

For customers using Java, we recommend using our Java connector, which you can find more information about here: Signicat Connector for Java

For customers using .NET, we recommend using a web service reference directly to the web services located on For production usage, the same WSDL can be used, but changing the endpoint to or your subdomain will be necessary.

Reference documentation for DocumentService can be found here: DocumentService v3

Signicat SessionDataStorage Service

Session Data Storage (SDS) is a temporary storage for documents with a REST interface. It is used in conjunction with Signicat’s SOAP services where it is necessary to upload and download binary documents. SOAP interfaces are not particularly well suited to send large binary data. SDS’s REST interface is, on the other hand, designed specifically to provide a fast and efficient protocol for uploading and downloading binary data.

SDS is designed to work in conjunction with other web services. In a typical use case, the client first uploads a document using SDS and then calls a method on SOAP web service with a reference to the newly uploaded document. The web service may respond with a message that references another document that the client may download from SDS.

Reference documentation for SDS can be found here: SDS (Session Data Storage)


PackagingService is a service with a SOAP web service interface used for packaging one or more third-party SDO’s into richer SDO’s of different types. It may be used to package one or more third-party SDO’s into a PAdES SDO, for example. The service may be used from any platform capable of making a SOAP web service call, and relies on Signicat’s SDS service or Signicat’s Archive Service (configurable in the soap request) for uploading and downloading binary document data.

Reference documentation for PackagingService can be found here: PackagingService v4


The ArchiveService API can be used to access documents that are stored in Signicat’s archive. All documents in the archive are identified with a unique archive reference which is must be used to access the document. Documents have no metadata and there is no functionality for searching for documents.

Reference documentation for ArchiveService can be found here ArchiveService v3

With the integration in place, a signature request needs to be created in order to make a digital signature. Please see the next section The Signature Request Step-for-Step for more information about the signature request.


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