The Signature Result

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With the signature request completed, the resulting file will vary depending on the eID infrastructure that produced the signature. Customers of Signicat have the choice of using a packaging format like XAdES or PAdES which provides a number of benefits regarding security and usability or the third-party output of the eID infrastructure.

This page will give a short description of the three result alternatives.


The XAdES format contains information about the end user, the original document, and the digital signature that is applied. It also contains proof of the authentication that the end user performed. Additionally it contains a log of important interactions that took place during the signing ceremony such as the user viewing the document, consenting to the content and performing the authentication.

The XAdES can be packed and results in a PAdES.


Packaging one or more XAdES files results in a PAdES. To obtain a PAdES  it is therefore required that the utilized signing method creates a XAdES output instead of the third-party format. The PAdES file is a PDF that anyone with a regular PDF reader can open, see what was signed, by whom, and how it was signed. Evidence of every completed signature is embedded within the PAdES, which enables evidence to be unfolded in case of a dispute.

Third-Party Output

If the document signing results in a third-party output, the output will not necessary follow the same standards as mentioned above and it will typically requires a solution such as Signicat Viewer in order to view, interpret and validate the signed documents.

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