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When you start out with Signicat Signature, you are allowed to choose freely from the options offered in the following categories:

  • Which signing method(s) to use
  • Which functionalities and features you require
  • Customization options for UI

Signing Methods

Signing with Signicat Signature provides you with a wide number of available ID methods for signing through a single point of integration. To see the full list of signing methods, please see this page. For a full description of each of the ID methods provided through Signicat, please see this page.

Functionalities and features

As signing with Signicat Signature provides you with a wide number of ID methods, it also gives access to a wide number of functionalities and features. The functionalities, also called document actions; Sign, View and Upload can all be combined with each other as well as the different features listed and described here.


The end user experience when signing documents with Signicat Signature can be customized a great deal — both when it comes to visuals and features.

The portal is where the user meets the login and signature processes, it can be used standalone or embedded into a web site.

Graphical profiles

Graphical profiles are used to customize the visuals of the portal. This process is standardized, allowing customers a baseline they are allowed to customize with backgrounds, logos and colors to their liking. More information about this can be found in the following section: graphical adjustments and customization.

Text library

All texts presented in the portal can be customized to fit the preferred languages of your company. While an array of different languages are already supported for different signing methods, you can request a CSV file from with the current default values and change them as needed.

To be able to offer the solution to customers the first thing to do is to integrate with Signicat and Signicat Signature through Signicat’s web services. Please see the next section for web services available for integrating with Signicat Signature.

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