Get started with signing

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About the guide

The following is an introductory guide to understanding and getting started with Signicat Signature, the signature services we provide to our customers. For the sake of brevity, this document will link to a number of separate guides, examples, and more exhaustive documentation when it is deemed necessary.

The commercial terms for using the services are based on a modular approach, and this document does not consider pricing, but only serves to provide a functional description of the services. Please contact your Signicat Account Manager for pricing details.

This guide will provide an overview of the steps necessary to get started, and is organised into the following sections:

  1. How would you like your solution
  2. Integrate with Signicat Signature
  3. The signature request step-by-step
  4. The signature result

At the end of the guide, there is a full-flow example of a signature process with Signicat Signature.


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