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An agreement often consist of more than one document, which is why Signicat Signature provides an efficient and user friendly user interface for digital signature of document packages with multiple documents.

The user interface is designed to provide an easy and secure user experience, guiding the user step-by-step with detailed instructions and simple choices. This increases the likelihood of users completing signature tasks, as well as decreasing the number of users contacting your support center. The documents to be signed may be mandatory or optional —you may also include documents that should merely be opened and viewed.

Multiple document support is utilized seamlessly the same web service interface as single document signature flows — simply add the required tasks to the signature request.

More information about tasks can be found in the following documentation: DocumentService v3

Wizard-like process

The user interface is designed to guide the user through a possibly complex process step by step. The user will always be presented for simple choices in a clear and informative way. They will also have the option to see through all the documents before they start signing the first document, and start over again if something goes wrong.

Required and optional documents

You may tag each document as required or optional. The user is required to sign the required documents and will not be able to proceed to the next document as long as a required document is unsigned. An optional document may be skipped.

Informational documents

A document can be merely informational, and as such can be included only for viewing.

Focus on user confidence

The user may always choose to read through all documents before he starts to sign the first document. The signed documents are not delivered before the user has completed and confirmed by pressing the “Send in” button. The user may always choose to restart the process or simply refuse to sign. We believe that providing this as clear options increases the user confidence and actually increases the likelihood of the user completing the task.


Signature flows with multiple documents provide the same web service interface and integration techniques as single document signature flows, and as such is also based on neutral protocols like HTTP, XML and SOAP.

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