Functions and features

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The following document actions and features is supported, and may be utilized for signatures:

Document actions

Document Action Can be required Can be optional
Sign Yes Yes
View Yes No
Upload Yes Yes


Signicat Signature supports signing of both single and multiple documents, by one or multiple signers. Both PDF documents and text documents are supported for signing in any combination. The documents to be signed is presented to the end user and the documents are marked as read. All marked documents can then be signed in one action (Authentication based signing). The signature process is described in more details in the “The signature process” page.


View action is also supported through Signicat and Signicat Signature. This action is suitable for documents that only needs to be read by the end user. The document can be either PDF or text. Similar to documents for signing the end user can mark a view document as read. No signature is requested in this case.

In the screenshot below the document “Letter of intent” has document action View and is only to be read and not to be signed.


The third document action supported by Signicat Signature is the upload action. The upload action allows the end user to upload a document that will be delivered to the requesting party at the end of the process. Only PDF documents can be uploaded.


Required documents actions need to be handled as requested for further completion of the request.


If a document action is optional the end user can decide whether or not to carry out the requested action. The optional feature only applies to document actions as sign and upload, not view.


Functionality Description
Input document formats Text and PDF.
Output document formats
XAdES and PAdES.
Multiple documents
The possibility to sign multiple documents. This also includes the option to sign all documents in a single operation. Read more about multiple documents here.
Multiple signers
It is possible to add multiple signers who may sign in any order or in defined sequences. There are no limits regarding the number of signers.
Notifications can be sent to users using SMS or e-mail in asynchronous signing processes.
Viewer A web application for viewing and verifying signed XAdES documents.
Document upload Performed with our Session Data Storage as a part signing processes.
InkSign A chainable method for adding electronic, hand-written signatures to your documents.
Forms The addition of simple data forms for adding additional user information. Read more about forms here.

Language support

Signicat Signature supports English, Danish, Finish, Norwegian and Swedish. A transaction can be started in any of the supported languages.

Browser support

Signicat Signature supports and is tested against multiple cross device operating systems and modern browsers, such as recent versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE 9 +).

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