Document Handling

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Receiving and storing the signed document

There are two fundamental options for handling of the signed document: Sending it to Signicat Archive for storage, or downloading it to your own systems (and subsequently archiving or distributing the document as desired).

Sending to Signicat Archive

It is possible to specify in the signature request that the result of the signing order should be sent to Signicat Archive using “send-result-to-archive”, as described in the reference documentation: DocumentService v3 – API

Documents stored in Signicat Archive can be fetched or deleted from the Archive using ArchiveService, described in further detail here: ArchiveService v3 – API

An example of how to specify that originals and signings results should be archived in Signicat Archive can be found in the following guide: Use store originals and signed documents in Signicat Archive

Downloading the signed document

When the send-result-to-archive option is set to false, the documents will be stored in Signicat’s Session Data Storage instead. This is a temporary storage; documents can be accessed and retrieved for some time after the request is completed.

An example of how this is done can be found in the following guide: Download a PAdES from SDS

Document handling

Secure delivery of a PAdES document to an end user

Signed documents often contain sensitive information and it is therefore recommended that distribution of such document is made in a secure fashion. One way that this can be achieved is by making a request in DocumentService v3 where the PAdES document provided has the DocumentActionType of VIEW and where the end user is authenticated before he is allowed to view and download the PAdES document.

Signature Preservation

It is recommended that signature preservation is considered when signed agreements are of high value or if it is necessary to keep them over a longer period of time. Resignature of electronically signed documents can happen on documents in Signicat Archive and on documents stored in your own organization.

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