Code Samples

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API Code Sample
DocumentService Get A Reference To A Document In Signicat Archive
 Downloading A PAdES From SDS
Allow Anyone To View And Sign Documents
Check The Status And Result Of A Document Order
Create And Append New Artifacts After The Document Order Is Created
Creating A Simple Document Order With One Subject (Danish NemID)
Check If A User Has Signicat MobileID
Use Artifacts To Secure Document Orders
Use Signicat Viewer With Signicat Archive
Use Store Originals And Signed Documents In Signicat Archive
Use The Packaging Service To Create A PAdES From An LtvSDO
Notify And Get Notified When A Document Order Status Changes
Redirecting the user after signing
Require the user to authenticate before signing
Signed Statement Signature Requests
Specifying The Document In DocumentService

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