Business Lookups

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Business Lookups are a feature of Signicat Business Signature.

The Business Lookups functionality offers the possibility to retrieve business information such as procuration and signing rights from a number of lookup services. The result of the lookup is then attached to the signed PAdES document. When you create a signing order, a lookup is done automatically on the name you provide (only once per signing order). If you want to perform additional lookups, or lookups on several businesses at once, you can do so through the DocumentService API.

The following lookup providers are available for Business Lookups:

Provider name Country
Bisnode Norge Norway
Bisnode Finland Finland
Bolagsverket Sweden
Virk Denmark

Business lookup providers are treated as separate services. Thus, access to each one is billed separately, and you must get in touch with us if you want to be able to use a provider that you don’t currently have access to.

How to perform business lookups using the DocumentService API

Lookups are performed by adding one or more lookup-task sub-elements to the request element of the createRequest endpoint in the DocumentService SOAP request. The lookup-task must then be referenced in one or more packaging tasks.

The basic steps to perform a business lookup are:

  1. Identify the provider that you want to use.
  2. Find the orgnr of the business you want to look up.
  3. Create a request with a lookup task using these values.

Bear in mind that a lookup service might not return all the fields expected for a given request (for example, if pieces of information are missing for certain businesses). Missing values are ignored, if all values are missing, the request is considered to have failed.


<!--more content goes here -->
            <!--more content goes here -->
            <doc:lookup-task lookup-task-id="lookup-1" provider="bisnode-norway" orgnr="989584022"/>
              <!--more content goes here -->
            <doc:packaging-task ... >
              <!--more content goes here -->
              <doc:packaging-task-lookup-document lookup-task-id="lookup-1"/>
<!--more content goes here -->

Attributes of the lookup-task sub-element

Name Description
lookup-task-id Unique ID for each lookup-task. Used to reference lookup tasks in packaging tasks (see packaging-task-lookup-document in the example above). A packaging task can contain several packaging-task-lookup-documents.
provider The name of the lookup provider to be used (e.g. Bisnode Norge).
orgnr The identifier of the business the user wants information about. Note that the format may vary depending on the provider (see below).

Business identifiers

The table below shows the correspondence of the various lookup services and their associated provider attribute. You will also find links to the page that allows you to search for a business’s orngr based on its name, and the name of the orgnr in each lookup provider.

Lookup Service provider attribute Name of the orgnr orgnr search
Bisnode Norge bisnode-norway Organisasjonsnummer Brønnøysundregistrene
Bisnode Finland bisnode-finland Business ID YTJ
Bolagsverket bolagsverket-sweden Organisationsnummer Bolagsverket
Virk virk-denmark CVR Virk

Note that Swedish organization numbers are usually in the following format: XXXXXX-XXXX (6 digits and 4 digits, separated by a hyphen). However, they must be entered as 10-digit numbers in DocumentService requests.

Sample lookup-task elements

This section shows provider-specific examples of lookup tasks. In the section below, you will find a complete example using Bolagsverket.

Bisnode Norge
<doc:lookup-task lookup-task-id="lookup-1" provider="bisnode-norway" orgnr="989584022"/>
Bisnode Finland
<doc:lookup-task lookup-task-id="lookup-1" provider="bisnode-finland" orgnr="0112038-9"/>
<doc:lookup-task lookup-task-id="lookup-1" provider="bolagsverket-sweden" orgnr="5567615561"/>
<doc:lookup-task lookup-task-id="lookup-1" provider="virk-denmark" orgnr="33668821"/>

Sample lookup using Bolagsverket

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:doc="" xmlns:xsi="">/
         <!--1 or more repetitions:-->
            <doc:document id="doc-1" xsi:type="doc:archive-document" ref-archive-id="211020191wchribdb7zt7f185x27n60v8iyvpllh6992w2kwt3klsocuum" send-to-archive="true"/>
            <!--1 or more repetitions:-->
            <doc:task id="task-1">
               <!--1 or more repetitions:-->
               <doc:document-action type="sign" send-result-to-archive="true">
            <doc:packaging-task packaging-task-id="ptask-1" method="pades-customerlogo" send-to-archive="true">
               <doc:packaging-task-document task-id="task-1" document-id="doc-1"/>
               <doc:packaging-task-lookup-document lookup-task-id="lookup-test"/>
            <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->
            <doc:lookup-task lookup-task-id="lookup-test" provider="bolagsverket-sweden" orgnr="5567615561"/>

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