Business Lookups

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Business Lookups are a feature of Signicat Business Signature.

The Business Lookups functionality offers the possibility to retrieve business information such as procuration and signing rights from a number of lookup services. The result of the lookup is then attached to the signed PAdES document.

How To

Lookups are performed by adding a lookup-task sub-element to the request element of the createRequest endpoint in the DocumentService SOAP request. The lookup-task must then be referenced in one or more packaging tasks.


<!--more content goes here -->
            <!--more content goes here -->
            <doc:lookup-task lookup-task-id="lookup-task-1" method="lookup-service">
				<!--more content goes here -->
              <!--more content goes here -->
            <doc:packaging-task packaging-task-id="ptask-1" method="pades">
                <!--more content goes here -->
              <doc:packaging-task-lookup-document lookup-task-id="lookup-task-1"/>
<!--more content goes here -->


Name Description
lookup-task Represents a lookup of a single company.
lookup-task-id References the lookup-task in a packaging-task. Must be unique for each lookup-task.
method References a lookup method. A lookup method is associated with a specific lookup provider (e.g. Bisnode Norge).
search-attribute Attributes to search for, specified by key: value pairs. Search attributes vary across lookup providers, but usually only requires a single business identity number (More on each service’s search attributes below).
packaging-task-lookup-document Adds a lookup result to the packaging task. A packaging task can contain several packaging-task-lookup-documents.
lookup-task-id References a lookup-task (i.e. it must match the lookup-task-id of a lookup-task).

Search Attributes

Search attributes are used to specify the search towards a lookup service provider.

Attributes are specified through key: value pairs. Several attributes can be given. These are separated by a semicolon and space (e.g. key1: value1; key2: value2; key3: value3).

Search attributes for individual lookup services are as follows:

Bisnode Norge

orgnr: (Required) A Norwegian organization number (nine digits). Only one organization number can be specified per lookup-task.
hent: (Optional) Used to restrict the search towards Bisnode Norway. Leaving out this attribute will cause all hent values to be used. To include all supported data, hent values NAVNADRESSE, GRUNNFAKTA, FULLMAKT, JURIDISKVERV are required.

<doc:lookup-task lookup-task-id="lookup-task-1" method="bisnode-norge">
    <doc:search-attribute> orgnr: 989584022; hent: NAVNADRESSE, GRUNNFAKTA, FULLMAKT, JURIDISKVERV </doc:search-attribute>

businessId: (Required) A Swedish organisation number (ten digits). Only one organization number can be specified per lookup-task.

<doc:lookup-task lookup-task-id="lookup-task-1" method="bolagsverket">
    <doc:search-attribute> businessId: 989584022 </doc:search-attribute>

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