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Business Signature offers electronic signing capabilities focused on simplifying signing operations in a business context. B2B relationships present some additional challenges that B2C does not have, such as the need to forward a signing order to the people with the necessary signing rights. In B2B relationships, there is often one single point of contact, but that person is typically not the one who has signing rights. Additionally, sometimes a document has to be signed by more than one person. With signature forwarding, a feature of Business Signature, you can send the signing order to your contact in the company and allow them to forward it to the relevant people. Soon, Business Signature will also provide company lookup services and signing rights verification.

Business Signature is a separate configuration within the Sign product family. It uses the DocumentService API (v3), just like Signicat Signature. Using Business Signature if you already have an existing customer relationship with Signicat is fairly easy: notify our team and they will make the necessary configuration changes. Afterwards, you only have to refer to that configuration when generating a signing order. Signicat Signature and Business Signature can be hosted on the same service.

Signature forwarding

If signature forwarding is enabled, the user that receives the signing order will be able to choose between three options:

  • Just me
    This option means that the person who receives this signing order will sign it as it is on a normal sign flow, i.e. no forwarding will be performed.
  • Someone else
    In this case, the person who receives the signing order decides to reject it and pass it on to one or more people, who will then be able to sign the document (or pass it on again).
  • Me and someone else
    This represents a situation where the person who receives the signing order will sign the documents, but will after that pass it on so that other people can also sign.

The first option (Just me) is the default option available for other kinds of signing. The other two are explained below.

Someone else

If the person who has received the signing order is not the one who is meant to sign it, they can choose to pass it along to someone else. They will be prompted to enter this person’s contact details (name, email and phone number) along with a brief message. After this, they will be able to forward the signing order to the other person.

Me and someone else

In this case, the user will be prompted to sign first. After signing, they will be asked to provide information about the other person who has to sign the document and forward it.

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