Project and Integration Phases

Pre-production phase

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The pre-production phase includes the creation/deployment of the customer’s services in Signicat’s and the ID-providers pre-production infrastructures.

SLA and requirements, Signicat’s pre-production environment

The service level Signicat offer and the requirements the customers are subject to regarding the use of Signicat pre-production environment, is described onĀ this page. All customers should read this document as well as the other documents regarding the pre-production and production environment.

Establish customer configuration

Signicat establishes a new configuration for the customer in the pre-production environment. The name of the configuration is normally decided in the contract/specification phase.

Access to the pre-production infrastructure

Some ID-providers require that access to their pre-production systems is ordered. Signicat may assist customers regarding this task.

Merchant certificates

Some ID-providers require that merchant certificates for pre-production is ordered, installed and verified before a production merchant certificate can be issued. Signicat may assist customers regarding this task.

Formal ID-specific tests

Some ID-providers require that formal ID-specific tests is performed and accepted before a production merchant certificate can be issued. Formal tests and self-declaration is normally performed by the customers, but Signicat may advise regarding this task.


Billing of the subscription fee starts normally when the customer’s services are available in pre-production.

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