Project and Integration Phases

Development phase

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The development phase includes technical as well as graphical integration with Signicat’s services.

Graphic design

Graphical profiles are used to customize the user experience of a customer’s application. Basically it consists of a collection of files, which will be a part of the customer specific configuration in id.signicat.

A customer may have several brands or applications. Then it is convenient to establish a different profile for each brand, application or web site using id.signicat. It is also possible to have several profiles for the same website, and even share the same profile between several web sites.

An alternative to complete graphical profiles, is to integrate with id.signicat using IFrames. Also with this integration model the web pages are hosted by Signicat. The difference is that these web pages contains no graphical elements generated by Id.Signicat, but are only placeholders for the ID-solutions applet.

Here is a relevant page which contains information about graphical customization.


Signicat ID provides authentication with a wide range of public and private ID in the Nordic region. The service easily integrates into any web site and web application to enable secure login with strong authentication.

For authentication, this page is relevant: Get started with authentication


Signicat’s signature and workflow service is designed for use in web applications covering almost any B2C, B2B and B2E scenario. You may integrate with the signature and workflow service using one of our web service API’s. These are DocumentActionService and DocumentService. DocumentService is our newest and richest web service API.

For signature, this page is relevant: Get started with signing

Test users

Customers will normally need test users during the development and test phase. Please see the pages for each ID method for test user information.


During the development phase it is recommended that customers use Signicat test certificates and public test environment “demo”.

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