Project and Integration Phases

Project and integration phases

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Integration with Signicat is a relatively simple process. Realization of the source code for authentication or signing services is straightforward and requires no eID-specific competence on the customer side. The integration is done over open, industry standard and platform-neutral protocols such as OIDC or SAML and Web Services.

However, in a normal integration there are several agreements that must be established, as well as preparation of the infrastructure between the customer, Signicat and eID suppliers. Some of these tasks will take some time. Our recommendation is that the customer plans the integration project thoroughly, and allocates sufficient time for these tasks.

This overview is an introduction to the key steps in the process and some important concepts.

Process outline

The overall process for integrating with will typically include the following steps (the order of the steps may vary slightly from case to case):

  1. Contract/specification phase
  2. Development phase
  3. Pre-production phase
  4. Production phase

It is useful to set up and communicate a schedule to ensure that Signicat has sufficient capacity in the integration period. This also allows Signicat to gain a better understanding of your needs and priorities.

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