Signicat Connector for .NET

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Integration with Id.Signicat is easy, and may be achieved with minor development efforts on the Service Provider side. Signicat offers three products for integration on the Service Provider side on .NET platform:

Signicat.Basic 2.0

Signicat.Basic 2.0, our newest lightweight client kit, supports only authentication.

Download the file Signicat.Basic.2.0.x.zip from the download folder.

If you plan to integrate with Signicats signature and/or archive services we recommend to use our core web-services on the central server https://id.signicat.com/ws, rather than the Signicat.Basic.Service client kit.

You can find the latest documentation for our DocumentService API here.


Signicat.Basic.Service is not further developed or supported.


Signicat.Basic is not further developed or supported.


Security measures between Signicat .NET Connectors and Id.Signicat, and in the Id.Signicat environment include:

  • 2-way SSL between Signicat .NET Connector and Id.Signicat,
  • Customer-specific password protection of the web services in Id.Signicat
  • General security in the Id.Signicat production environment.

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