Signicat Connector for Java

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The Signicat Connector for Java (aka Signicat Java Client kit) is a Java library with functionality for parsing SAML responses. The client kit is provided in a package with a complete sample web application which may be deployed directly into any standard servlet container (e.g. Tomcat). The sample application is complete with source code. We believe this is a good hands-on introduction to how id.signicat.com works and what you need on the “code side” to integrate with it.

Customers who use the Signicat Connector for Java do not need to understand SAML. It is a fast track to creating a working prototype. However, it requires you to use Java, and you must install a number of third party libraries that may not be compatible with your existing software.


The connector contains a pre-configured web application example. The example will connect to a running test environment at preprod.signicat.com.

4.0.2 (Updated dependency on Guava to latest version (27.0.1))

Older connectors

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